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Android 12: Release Date and New Features

The latest Google event named Google I/O, from 18 May to 20 May has revealed a lot of interesting and new products like the Google Pixel 6 series. One of the most interesting releases from the Google I/O event is Android 12. Android 12 is the upcoming Android version for Android users. From the latest Google I/O event, the new looks and features of the Android 12 feel very promising.

What is Android

Android is one of the most famous operating systems in the market. It is now present in almost every smartphone except iPhones & Huawei smartphones. Android is developed by Google, and now most of the smartphones support Google’s operating system.

Android 12 release date

The timeline of the next Android release has been released. The Android beta update of the upcoming android version is currently available for pixel devices and some other devices.

According to the timeline of the next Android release, this new google android version will release after August 2021. From May 2021 to August 2021, beta versions will be released from Google. I don’t recommend installing the beta versions as beta versions come with several bugs which will ruin the experience.

Android 12 new features

The new Android 12 looks very impressive and surprising. Here are the new features of Android 12 that will make you interested in stock android UI.

Look and Feel

Google has completely changed the look and feel of the Android 12 as compared to the previous Android versions. Now, it even looks better than many custom UIs. The design has completely changed and improved. Also, Android 12 based stock UI brings a lot of customizations and personalizations.

The look and feel of Android 12 are completely different than other previous Android versions. Even, the lock screen, widgets, and notification panel are completely new.

Material You Design

Material You is a completely new design that Google has developed for its upcoming Android version. This design is inspired by the material design. The Material You design looks very materialistic and modern.

There is a completely new feature with the Android 12, that changes the whole theme color according to the wallpaper. It means that you don’t have to change the whole theme for some new experience. You only have to change the wallpaper to experience something new.

Privacy Dashboard

There are a lot of android phone rumors regarding privacy. But, with the Android 12, Google has gone a step ahead with its privacy. Now, you will get a whole Privacy Dashboard with the upcoming android version. Privacy Dashboard gives you access to see all the app’s permissions. Also, when you will open an app, a camera and microphone icon will open at the top right corner of the screen. And, you can disable the camera and microphone by going to the notification panel.

There is also a new feature regarding Location. Google has added two location options one is Approximate Location and Precise Location. Approximate location means a location nearby to your precise location. Also, you can select which app will use the Approximate Location and which app will use the Precise Location.

Extra Dim Mode

As the name suggests, this feature will dim the screen to a different extent. Extra Dim mode will be very useful if you want to use your device in a dark place. You can excess the Extra Dim mode directly from the notification panel after the update.

Google Maps

With Android 12, Google has also updated its Google Maps. Now you can go even more precise with Google Maps. Google Maps are now more accurate and easy to use. You can now see the traffic signals information and many more. Also, you will be informed about the place where you are going is busy or free.

With the new Google Maps, you will get detailed street maps, and live view expansion. Also, you will be able to check area busyness, and you will get a more tailored map.

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Android’s Private Compute Core

Android’s Private Compute Core is a part of Android’s software, which will do some smart works. This all-new Android’s Private Computer Core brings interesting features like smart replies, live captions, and many others. This is very secure as it works without a network connection and all the processes happen on the device.


android 12, android 12 performance, android 12 new features

With the new Android version, Android is now faster, responsive, and power-efficient. With the upcoming android version, Google has reduced the core system’s CPU needed time by 22%. So, with this update, Android devices will be more power-efficient.



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