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Best android launcher – Top 3 free android launcher in 2020

Knowingly, there are many Android launchers available in the market which can easily customize the User Interface of your smartphone. So, here I will inform you about the best android launcher that you can use to restyle your smartphone. These apps feature some great styles and customizations for the users to customize their device. This list of the best android launcher includes three best launchers for android which anyone can easily install and use.

What is a Launcher?

The Launcher is a home screen replacement, with some advanced customization options.

Android comes with several customizable features because of which almost every second device comes with its customizable best android launcher for its devices.

The Android launcher app helps the user to customize the interface of their android smartphone as they want. As every smartphone comes with its customized interface, which is not acceptable to everyone, the launchers give freedom to the users to customize their smartphone’s interface as they want.

Best Android launcher

This list includes the best launcher for android, which allows you to restyle your device completely. So keep reading to know about the best android launchers that you can download for free.

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher is one of the best android launchers that I have ever used. The Smart Launcher features a modern and fresh interface with some exciting layouts.

best android launcher, android launcher

While using the Smart Launcher, you can customize every page, for ex: you can add widgets, make folders, etc. on your home page.

best android launcher, launcher

Also, the Smart Launcher includes various unique icon style, which makes your device more modern. The smart launcher offers many customizations, including icon style, icon size, page style, page layout, etc.

To set-up Smart Launcher 5, at first, you have to install it from Play Store. After that, agree with the terms and conditions, give all the required permissions, and select the wallpaper.

best android launcher, launcher for android

Also, you can hide your selected app, and for security, you can use your enrolled fingerprint or a pin.

best android launcher, android launchers

And customize your smartphone’s user interface as you want.

best android launcher, launchers, launchers for android

Poco Launcher 2.0

Poco Launcher is an Android Launcher especially designed for the Poco devices. But, this launcher is compatible with all the gadgets, and this launcher is available on the Play Store for free.

It is a very simple android launcher with some great features.

best android launcher, best launcher, android launcher for free

The Poco Launcher is completely free, and it offers you the hide app feature by which you can hide your applications, which you can secure using your enrolled fingerprint and a pattern.

best android launcher, Nova Launcher free

Also, the Poco Launcher 2.0 allows you to categorize apps in the App drawer and manage app categories.

best android launcher, Nova Launcher free

Every time you use this launcher, you will discover several options that will help you to customize your smartphone’s interface as you want.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the third Android Launcher, which comes under the list of the best android launcher in 2020. This launcher also offers many customizations like Smart Launcher 5.

best android launcher, best free launcher for android

The Nova Launcher offers a dark mode for battery consumption, which changes the whole interface of the launcher from light to dark.

When you switch to the Nova Launcher for the first time, it asks for some customization options like drawer style, theme, and initial layout.

best android launcher, best launcher, best android launchers

Also, like any other launcher, you can add widgets, shortcut icons, etc. on your homepage. To add widgets, wallpapers, or to go to setting, long press on the home screen, and the options will pop-up.

best android launcher, Nova Launcher

To edit any widgets or icons, long press on that element, and several options will pop-up under a section.

best android launcher, best android launchers

Also, there is a disadvantage of this launcher that you have to buy the premium version of the Nova Launcher to unlock the Hide App feature, which is entirely free in Smart Launcher 5.

best android launcher, best launcher for android

Hence, the Nova Launcher is highly customizable, and it comes under the best android launcher for free.

best android launcher, Nova Launcher free

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So, these launchers mentioned above are Best Android Launcher on PlayStore in 2020. Post comments in the message box, and let us know what you think about it. And, if you think we missed any of the best launchers, and if you have used any of the above launchers to mention in the comment section below.



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