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Best Antivirus for Chromebook

There are several types of viruses, so every system needs some type of antivirus to kill the virus. A virus is a kind of computer program containing malicious codes.

Now-er-days, a lot of new viruses are coming up to steal your data, so you definitely need an antivirus to be secure. For Windows, there are a lot of antiviruses, but there are not so antivirus for Chromebooks. So, in this article, you will be informed about Best Antivirus for Chromebook. In this article, I will also inform you about the Best Free Antivirus for Chromebook. Before that let’s talk about some basic topics.

What is Chromebook

Chromebooks are the laptops running Chrome OS which is an operating system developed by Google. Chrome OS is very similar to a mobile operating system. You can run your mobile apps on your Chromebook. There are a limited amount of Chromebooks available in the market. There are some great Chromebooks, but most of the time Chromebooks are overpriced as compared to Windows laptops.

What is Chrome OS

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Chrome OS is an operating system specially designed for Chromebooks. This Linux-based operating system is developed by Google. Chrome OS was released in 2011 and its primary interface is the Google Chrome browser. The name Chrome OS is derived from Chromium OS, which is a free software program.

What is Antivirus

Antivirus is a program that contains codes to detect, and remove malware. It removes malicious programs or viruses like trojan, worm, adware, and many more. Antivirus also gets regularly updated. Overall, the basic work of antivirus is to detect and remove computer viruses.

Best Antivirus for Chromebook

Mentioned below are several antiviruses for Chromebooks. From the list mentioned below, you can select the Best Antivirus for Chromebook according to your requirements.


It is one of the best Antivirus for Chromebook with built-in ransomware protection. The ransomware security secures the local data of your system from virus attacks. For scanning local files, Android apps, and external peripherals for malware, ransomware protection protects your system from local attacks.

Additionally, Avira provides a real-time malware scanner. Avira’s malware scanner keeps scanning the apps and automatically it rate the apps based on security. It secures the user’s identity from any kind of data breach. Although it is not completely free, it offers a free version. Avira is also available for macOS and Windows.


Due to its level of malware protection and other useful tools, it is one of the best antivirus software for Chromebook with overall great security. It provides many interesting features to secure your Chromebook.

It has been rated as the best Internet Security software from both AV-Test and AV-Comparatives in terms of providing high-end security against all kinds of malware.

Kaspersky also provides a real-time malware scanner that also works in the background. It also provides anti-phishing measures, anti-theft tools, and a web filter.

Kaspersky is also available for macOS and Windows. Also, it offers a free version which you can use before buying the paid version.


Bitdefender is rated as one of the best security software for Chromebooks with many useful features. Also, Bitdefender is one of the most popular software companies around the globe.

From Bitdefender, there is an android app called Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus, and this app runs very well on Chromebook.

It provides many interesting features like network protection, virus protection, browser protection, anti-phishing protection, and many more. Also, it comes with the best built-in VPN and this feature is available in the paid version as well as the free version. It is also available for both Macbook OS(macOS) and Windows.

The only disadvantage of this antivirus is that its free version doesn’t feature many powerful features. That means the free version of Bitdefender features some basic features only.


Due to its easy interface, it is one of the best Antivirus for beginners. The installation process of ESET is simple and easy, and the virus detection rate of ESET is great. Like other software companies, it also offers a free trial version of 30 days. Instead of that, it is a paid antivirus software.

One of the best features of this antivirus is that ESET uses machine learning to detect and remove viruses. ESET is a feature-rich Chromebook antivirus as it features parental control, built-in VPN, anti-phishing, network scanner, malware scanner, security audit feature, and other anti-theft features.

ESET works for both macOS and Windows. The only downside of this antivirus is that it doesn’t have live support.


This is one of the best antiviruses for Chromebooks due to its advanced protection against malware. Malwarebytes also provides real-time advanced protection. Real-time protection means it scans all the apps and files in real-time.

The most impressive feature of Malwarebytes is its privacy audit, which gives the freedom to check the access rights of all apps. Malwarebytes uses artificial intelligence to find and block viruses. It is very easy to install and use, and it’s also a lightweight antivirus.

Malwarebytes also secures your antivirus from server attacks as it features server and endpoint protection. It is also suitable for macOS and Windows.

Does Chromebook need Antivirus?

No, Chromebook doesn’t need antivirus as Chrome OS is a virus-free operating system. Chromebooks come with Chrome OS and Chrome OS features built-in virus and malware protection. Chrome OS built-in virus protection comes with multi-layers of security. Also, each and every piece of data stored in the hard drive of the Chromebook is encrypted.

But, there are some security steps you should follow.

Chromebook Security Steps

  • Stay safe from dangerous and harmful websites.
  • Remove unwanted and malicious web extensions.
  • Be safe from phishing emails.


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Which Antivirus works on Chromebook?

All antiviruses work fine on Chromebooks. But, you don’t need to buy a costly antivirus for your Chromebook.

What is the Best Antivirus for Chromebook?

Chromebook’s built-in virus protection is the Best Antivirus for Chromebook. And, all the antiviruses mentioned in this list are great for you if you generally want an antivirus.

Do all Chromebooks features built-in virus protection?

Almost all, especially the new generation Chromebooks.

Are Chromebooks secure for online banking?

In most cases, yes Chromebooks are secure for online banking only if all security measures have been taken.

Is Chromebook safer than Windows?

Yes, Chromebooks can be considered safer than Windows as Chromebooks comes with Chrome OS which is a virus-free operating system.

How to install antivirus on Chromebook?

Actually, in the case of new Chromebooks, you don’t need to install any antivirus. The Chromebook built-in virus protection provides a lot of security to your Chromebook. But, if you want to install an antivirus, go to the official site of the antivirus software and install it from there.

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In this article, I deeply informed you about the best antivirus for Chromebook even you don’t need an antivirus for Chromebook. But there is no problem in using these antiviruses until it costs a lot. Every antivirus mentioned in this list of Best Antivirus for Chromebook has both positives and negatives. So, read all the points carefully mentioned under the Best Antivirus for Chromebook label.

Best Antivirus for Chromebook can be different for different peoples, but in this article, I have informed about the top 5 antiviruses for Chrome OS. So, you can select anyone from the five-mentioned antiviruses.



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