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Stimulating The Brain – Games to Improve Brain Function

Brain games ask their players to complete specific tasks that involve practicing specific cognitive skills like the ability to recall, attention, logical thinking, and reasoning.

Usually, brain training activities can vary from video games to different puzzles.

Brain games and applications to improve brain functioning

Various Brain stimulating games (BTG) are supposed to play an important role in refining the brain’s cognitive functions. Some of the games that are truly supposed to play their part in brain functioning are discussed below:

Brain Games for Adults – Brain Training Games

CA Applications offer the best free mind games to enjoy various Logical puzzles and calculations using your memory skills. This brain game application checks and improves your memory, logical reasoning, and intelligence. All you have to do is install this Best Free Brain Games android app for free and start solving offered questions to test and improve your abilities.
Brain Training – Brain Games for Adults, offers you many classifications such as:

  • various mind games to enhance your Focus
  • thinking games to increase the ability of decision making and thinking fast.
  • Games to improve your memory Retention
  • Intelligent mind games to check your Brain skills and improve your IQ level.
  • Games to improve your Reflex actions
  • Logic games to increase your capacity for Logical reasoning and thinking.


Chess is considered one of the most intelligent and thought-provoking games around. While playing this game, every new player often depends on short-term memory to examine the board and plot their move on the spot. Once you start playing it regularly, you will be able to have some committed strategies in your long-term memory. By being its consistent player, you will be able to retain analytical information for the long haul.


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This is a number game. In this game, you have to keep a series of numbers in your head while intellectually “practicing” their position in the nine-space grids. You will rely on your working memory and reasoning ability to remember the order of the numbers.

Brain Yoga

In this game, you have to take your left hand to make a fist and then extend your thumb. Something will be repeated with the other hand but extend your pinky. Now switch them in a way that your left pinky and right thumb should be extended. So the basic purpose of this game is to improve your brain coordination. It also gives strength to neural connections, which will help your memory and your other gray matter functions.

Try a Rebus Puzzle

Such puzzles consist of different letters, various numbers, numerous pictures, and many symbols that have clues to pick the right answer. For example, the puzzle phrase “BAD BAD” is a coded way to say “too bad.” This game requires your knowledge of clichés and terminologies.


Crosswords are also known as classic brain trainers. They can access verbal language and memory from many scoops of knowledge. It offers many ways to do crossword puzzles, both online and off. For example, if you receive a daily broadsheet or newspaper, you’ll probably get a crossword there. Many books specifically give you a wide range of crosswords according to your skill level and interests.
Moreover, you can also find many crossword puzzles online via different applications and websites.


This brain training game is specially designed for the betterment of mental fitness programs. It also offers fun brain games and mental fitness games, different kinds of tests, and many activities based on scientific knowledge and science phenomena. You can easily play them on websites or download an application to have their access. Lumosity also offers a meditation and mindfulness app.

Happy Neuron

Happy Neuron categorizes its brain games and activities into five critical brain areas.

  • Human memory
  • Attention abilities
  • Language processing
  • Various executive functions
  • visual/spatial skills

It offers you to personalize the training that seems fit for you. It tracks your progress as well. All of its games are based on vast scientific research. If you want to avail all the games of this application, then you have to pay a subscription fee. However, it also offers you a free trial.

Importance of Brain Games

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  • Many research pieces prove that different card games, solving puzzles, and playing on boards serve as a good mental stimulus that helps promote brain health.
  • It is also believed that a category of brain games helps strengthen the immune system and activate the use of conception, memory functions, and sequencing talents.
  • They also help while socializing and verbal communication.
  • They help lessen the feelings of boredom and despair, so they help prevent cognitive decline.
  • They also serve as a source of fun activity with family members and friends.
  • Such games help in keeping the brain active, alert, and engaged.
  • Brain stimulating games also serve as the neural basis of learning. Because when you play different games, your brain will adapt and renew itself to improve its functioning to gain a higher score.

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Brain games support you in many aspects, such as helping you out to Process things in an improved way. You will be able to understand clearly and more logically by enhancing your concentration. If you play them daily, they will help to memorize things, make strategies, and then perform more effectively. In short, you will be able to work on your mental skills and cognitive abilities Regardless of your age.



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