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The Importance of YouTube and How to Build Your Audience on Youtube

YouTube is the largest video search engine and has millions of active users every day. Such is the popularity of YouTube, that videos from this platform are often shared on social media and other platforms. So, one of the major questions for many new creators is “How to Build your Audience on Youtube”. Many organizations embed YouTube videos in their email marketing initiatives as well. Brands are on the constant lookout for YouTube video ideas that will enable them to strike a chord with the audience.

The primary reason for the widespread popularity of YouTube in marketing is the fact that it allows brands to tell their story engagingly. The diversity of this platform is such that a brand that is eyeing growth can leverage YouTube and connect with newer audiences. Another important factor that contributes to the popularity of YouTube is that the service is free. That way, smaller brands with a tight marketing budget have a fairground to compete with the well-established ones.

Having established the importance of YouTube in the world of marketing, the next step is to chalk out the ways to build your presence on the platform. You need to understand that the key to YouTube success is going beyond creating an exceptional video. You need to cultivate a channel and put in efforts in giving it a personality. This will help to build your audience on youtube.

It is only when you educate your target audience on topics that matter to them, will they notice your presence. By delivering such informative content repeatedly, you establish brand familiarity and make them your loyal subscribers. Here are some tips that will help you to build your audience on YouTube.

Optimize the Content for The Audience

Most novice content creators make the mistake of optimizing their YouTube page to generate traffic. You need to understand the thin line and optimize your content in such a way that it helps in audience building. Instead of aiming at a viral video that gives you one-time page views, try to focus on building your channel consistency.

When you build a channel, you lay the foundations of an active community. Having such a community will get you people who stay tuned to engage with all your videos. In the long run, this gets you better YouTube views than any single YouTube video.

If you are struggling with understanding your audience’s expectations, be upfront about it. In the CTA section at the end of the video, encourage your viewers to post comments on the type of content that they will enjoy. Studying such comments should give the larger picture and help you plan your content accordingly. Eventually, it will help you to build your audience on youtube.

Educate Your Viewer

As a brand looking to make its mark on YouTube, your focus should be on educating the audience. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you can come up with videos where you explain the impact of the latest tax laws on real estate. Such content will add value to the lives of your users. That way, they will turn to you when they need real estate services.

Similarly, if your brand sells products that need specific assembling or maintenance, you can come up with videos that illustrate the same. If you create videos where you illustrate your industry knowledge, you will win the trust of your followers.

Be Consistent on Your Character and Themes

Human beings like patterns, and that is why your audience will enjoy your content better if they are familiar with the characters. The characters can be animations or celebrity ambassadors. To build your YouTube audience, you need to set a theme to your posts and come up with relevant mascots, celebrity collaborations, etc. The use of brand colors and logo help to establish your brand theme.

Leverage the Economies of Scale

While building your YouTube channel, quantity and cadence are your utmost important parameters. If you are working on a limited production budget, creating multiple videos may seem like a Herculean task. To find your way around it, try to plan and compress multiple shoots into fewer trips. That way, you cut down on the travel cost, payment to your videographer team, stylists, celebrity collaborators, etc.

If you are a novice in the world of YouTube video making, set a realistic target for yourself. For example, you can aim at shooting three videos for four consecutive days. Over the next three days, you can edit the video footages to perfection. That way, you will have ample content to last your brand for a quarter if you aim at weekly publishing.

Come Up with Interesting Content

While there may be some shortcuts to building a YouTube presence, there will not be any substitute for content quality. If you look at some of the most popular YouTube channels, you will find DIY videos, entertaining funny videos, celebrity gossip videos, etc. These are the content that spike interest in the viewer.

To build your YouTube audience, you need to take a planned approach where you identify your target audience. You then spend time listing the things that interest them. Finally, combine one or more such elements to create video content that will generate a buzz and encourage people to visit your YouTube channel.

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Collaborate with Micro-Celebrities

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Micro celebrities are people who have a significant fan following in social media but have not been on television. Collaborating with such influencers allows prompt distribution of your video content and improves your reach. Since these influencers collaborate with brands like you for a living, such initiatives will not burn a hole in your pocket.

While collaborating with influencers, the most important thing for you is choosing someone popular among your target audience. Identify your video niche and spend some time evaluating the people who are popular in that domain. If possible, shortlist a few such celebrities and send your idea pitch to each of them.

Since micro-celebrities are busy people, they may not have the resource to do a full-fledged interview with you. In such a situation, if your pitch proposes a single-question video, they will happily cooperate with you. Over time as you build a healthy business relationship with the influencer, you can make longer videos.

Upon reading the above tips, you will realize that building an audience on YouTube requires months of strategic planning and dedicated effort. You cannot create just any video and expect it to change the face of your channel overnight. Consistency of content, both in terms of posting schedule and content quality, is something that you cannot ignore.

Following the tips to the dot will allow you to take control of your YouTube marketing and will help you to build your audience on youtube. Over time, you will drive YouTube to get your brand exceptional marketing results and take the company on a path of growth.



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