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How to Fix Chromebook Not Recognizing USB Devices

Are you trying to fix Chromebook Not Recognizing USB Devices error? Some useful methods are mentioned below.

Chromebooks are the Chrome OS running laptops. These laptops are getting popular day by day as many companies have started manufacturing Chromebooks. But like any other gadget, it also has both pros and cons. One of the most popular issues that Chromebook users face is Chromebook Not Recognizing USB Devices. Chromebook users face this issue when Chromebooks fail to recognize the external USB devices. And, further shows the error ChromeOS couldn’t recognize the device.

Fix Chromebook Not Recognizing USB Devices Error

Check the USB Device

One of the reasons that your “Chromebook not recognizing USB devices” is that your USB device might be faulty. Check your USB device by connecting it to a different device. If it also not works there then your USB device is faulty. But, if it worked there then your Chromebook USB ports are faulty.

Check for the Chrome OS Updates

You can also check whether your Chrome OS is fully updated or not. Keeping your device’s OS updated is very important, so if anything is not working you should check for updates. In this case, probably some bugs are affecting the Chrome OS USB functionality. So, your Chromebook is showing updates, update it first. To update, connect your Chromebook to the internet, then go to the about section, and click on check for updates. After updating and installing, restart your Chromebook.

Check the format

Not all Chromebooks support all the file systems. Generally, Chromebook supports FAT (FAT16, FAT32, exFAT), ISO9660 (read-only), NTFS, HFS+ (read-only on journaled HFS+), MTP, and UDF (read-only) file systems. So, format your USB to any of the compatible formats (focusing on the file type) that are mentioned above. Doing this can fix the Chromebook not recognizing USB Devices error.

Reset Chromebook Hardware

You can try resetting the Chromebook hardware, if your Chromebook Not Recognizing USB Devices error is not getting fixed. To reset the Chromebook hardware, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Switch Off your Chromebook and wait for 30 seconds.
  • After that, click on the Refresh and Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Now when your laptop starts on, release the refresh button.
  • And now, start your Chromebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chromebook Not Recognizing USB Devices, Fix Chromebook Not Recognizing USB Devices

What is Chromebook?

Chromebooks are the laptops that run Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a Google-developed operating system. It is very similar to Android.

Can we use external devices with Chromebooks?

Yes, Chromebooks support all external devices.

Are Chromebooks safe?

Chromebooks are one of the safest laptops available in the market.

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In this article, I have mentioned all the possible methods that you can use to fix the Chromebook Not Recognizing USB Devices error. To fix the Chromebook Not Recognizing USB Devices error, you have to try all the methods mentioned above. Any method can be turned in as useful for you.



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