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How To Disable Mobile Services Manager app

Now-er-days, almost every smartphone (mostly Android) comes with Bloatware. Nearly every smartphone brand instructs the manufacturers to install the Bloatware before giving the smartphone to the retailers.

Generally, smartphone manufacturers install several apps in the smartphone, and those app companies give money to smartphone companies.

One of the most common Bloatware is the Mobile Services Manager app or the DT (Digital Turbine) IGNITE. The mobile services manager is widespread in Android devices.

So, here you will get to know about “How to disable the Mobile Services manager app” without any rooting. At first, let me inform you about Bloatware.

What is Bloatware

Bloatware is a pre-installed app that consumes the RAM and internal memory of your device. In simple words, in android, Bloatware is the apps that you have not installed (except the Google official apps and the brand official apps) in your smartphone.

For example, you purchased a new smartphone from online or from any offline store. When you booted your smartphone, you saw Temple Run, Paytm, or any other Android games or apps on your smartphone. That pre-installed software is known as Bloatware.

In older smartphones, the pre-installed apps were non-removable, but in the current generation smartphones, you can easily remove any Bloatware.

What is Mobile Services Manager App

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Mobile Services Manager is a pre-installed system software installed on your smartphone. System software means that software which is present internally in your device but not present on the home screen or the app gallery of your device.

The Mobile Services Manager app uses a lot of internal data and mobile data without informing the smartphone user. Many cellular companies use the mobile services manager to show their ads, and later this app automatically installs some useless apps on your smartphone. All this happens without your permission because all those companies want to make money. Disabling mobile services manager or DT IGNITE is not very hard.

According to the Verizon statement, any app installed by the DT IGNITE or the mobile services manager app is entirely removable.

Why you should disable the Mobile Services Manager App

You should disable the mobile services manager app because it uses a lot of internal data as well as mobile data. The Mobile Services Manager gets installed during the installation process, so it is present in almost every android smartphone.

The Mobile Services Manager app automatically installs useless apps on your smartphone without any information. Also, the mobile services manager regularly updates the Bloatware without your permission. In this way, the mobile services manager uses a lot of internal storage and mobile data.

So, you should disable the mobile services manager app, if you want to save your internal data and mobile data.

How To Disable the Mobile Services Manager app

There is a straightforward method to disable the mobile services manager app; follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Unlock your smartphone and go to settings.
  • Go to My Apps or App Management.
  • Search for DT IGNITE or Mobile Services Manager (scroll down you will find it).
  • Click on the mobile services manager app and uninstall it.
  • If there is no uninstall option, then disable it.

How to Disable Mobile Services Manager

The upper method is not useful for every Android device. As the mobile services manager app is a system app, so it’s not openly visible on every smartphone. If, the upper method didn’t work, try the process given below.

  • Open Settings on your smartphone.
  • Click on My Apps (or in some devices App Management / Apps and notifications).
  • Now, click on the triple-dot aligned vertically and situated on the top right corner of your devices.
  • After that, click on show system apps.
  • Now, search for DT IGNITE or Mobile Services Manager App.
  • After that, click on the mobile services manager app and disable it.


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