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How To Edit Youtube Video On Phone

Youtube is now one of the most excellent video streaming platforms in the World. Now-er-days, there are many successful Youtubers all over the World which inspire other peoples to become a Youtuber. But, everyone can’t afford a laptop or a PC for video editing. So, in this article, you will be informed about “How To Edit Youtube Video On Phone“.

What is Youtube?

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As already mentioned, Youtube is one of the biggest video sharing platforms in the World. Youtube is an American company that started in 2005 and was then owned by Google in 2006.

Knowingly, Google is one of the most significant search engines, and it brings many other software like Google Maps, Youtube, etc.

Youtube is also a source of income and stardom for many peoples, as it monetizes the channels which follow its terms and conditions. Also, youtube has an impressive search engine that pushes only good quality videos with great content. Your Youtube videos should bring excellent quality content if you want to gain views and subscribers.

Is it important to edit youtube video?

Yes, it’s essential to edit youtube videos if you are a beginner. If you want to gain subscribers on Youtube, the most important thing is content. If your content is impressive, then only you will gain subscribers, but it doesn’t mean video editing is not essential. You must edit youtube video because video editing enhances the quality of your content. If your video is full of noise, then nobody will watch your Youtube video till the end.

The most important factors that affect your Youtube video are:-

  • Video Quality
  • Sound Quality

Great content is incomplete without clear audio and video. If you upload and publish a video without any editing, it may come up with various noises and disturbances. You can fix all these errors if you edit Youtube video before uploading. If you don’t have a mike, you can use your earphone’s mike for the audio. Connect the earphone to another phone and record the audio while recording the video. For recording audio, you can use your default audio recorder, or you can use apps like Dolby On, etc.

Everyone can’t afford a laptop to edit Youtube video, but they can use their smartphones. So read on to know about “How To Edit Youtube Video On Phone”.

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How To Edit Youtube Video On Phone

There are several applications for smartphone users for video editing, but not everyone is perfect. So, below down are the name of some of the best video editors for Youtube.

Best Video Editor for Youtube

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  • Inshot
  • Kinemaster
  • Quik Video Editor
  • Power Director
  • Vlogit

There are two methods to edit Youtube videos. You can download an app, or you can use an online editor to edit youtube video online.

Edit Youtube Videos on Phone

If you want to know “How To Edit Youtube Video On Phone” fore free, then read the steps given below.

  • At first, download an app on your smartphone to edit Youtube videos.
  • Open the application.
  • Import the video which you have recorded for your Youtube channel.
  • Import the audio which you have recorded in another phone while recording the video.
  • Now, silent the video and place the audio in the editor.
  • Match the audio to the video, and make it look natural.
  • When the syncing is done, start focusing on the video.
  • You have to judge what external elements should be added to your video.
  • At first, focus on the video colors. Try to enhance the colors but don’t make it look unnatural.

  • After that, check if any extra elements like photos, texts, graphics are required or not. If not, then don’t add any additional parts and export the video.
    Hence, your video is ready for youtube.

Edit Youtube Video On Youtube

You can also edit youtube video on Youtube using the online video editor. But, it’s not the smoothest way to edit Youtube video. Follow the steps given below to learn “How To Edit Youtube Video On Youtube” using the online video editor.

  • Log in to Youtube using your registered Gmail account.
  • Upload a video.
  • After uploading, you will find an edit icon next to your video’s title in the video section.
  • Click on the edit icon, and an editor box will appear.
  • You can edit the videos there without any trouble.


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