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How to Increase WordPress Security

Web security is an essential key for bloggers. Whether you are using WordPress, Blogger, or any other web publishing software, security is fundamental. So, here you will be informed about “How to Increase WordPress Security.”

Why WordPress security is important

WordPress Site’s security is important because anyone can control your site if your website is not secure. Below, there are ways that you can follow to increase your WordPress security.

To check the security of your website, you can perform WordPress Malware scans or WordPress security scans using WordPress security plugins.

How to Increase WordPress Security

As mentioned above, this article is about How to Increase WordPress Security. So here are some steps that every blogger should follow to secure their website.

Use Best Hosting Provider

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Safe Hosting is significant for the WordPress site’s security. There are many hosting providers available, but only some of them are genuine hosting providers. A trustworthy hosting provider provides you with the best hosting concerning all security measures.

Generally, cheap web hosting from untrusted hosting provider is not very safe for WordPress sites. I recommend you to purchase web hosting from trusted hosting providers, whether it costs a little more.

To keep your website safe, you should check whether your hosting provider is providing you with multiple security features or not.

Here is the list of the best hosting providers in 2020 concerning your WordPress security.

Don’t Use Nulled Theme

Every WordPress installers want to use premium themes for their WordPress sites. But premium themes are costly, which urge bloggers to download nulled themes for their WordPress sites.

There a lot of reasons why every blogger wants premium theme for their WordPress sites, some of them are:-

  • Premium themes are fully optimized and fully custom.
  • Premium themes are WordPress SEO optimised.
  • Premium themes look professional, which makes the website more eye-catchy.

If you are downloading the nulled theme for your website, then you are keeping your WordPress Site’s security on risk.

Using the premium version themes helps you in protecting your website from real time brute force attacks. Using the free version WordPress themes for your website is convenient and safe.

So, I recommend you to use WordPress free themes for your WordPress site, which are also WordPress SEO optimized. Also, using WordPress themes increases WordPress security, which is better than using nulled themes. Also, some free themes come with their pro version, which is very convenient. So, don’t use nulled theme at all.

Use the Top WordPress Security Plugin

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There are several popular WordPress security plugins that you can use for your website. These plugins secure your website from any malware and secure your site.

For example, you can use the Sucuri Security plugin for your site’s security. There are several WordPress plugin which you can use from the theme and plugin section.

You can either check for malware by doing WordPress malware scan and WordPress security scan. The mentioned scans can be done by using this online tool – the best tools for WordPress Malware Scan.

Don’t Use Simple Passwords

Every blogger should use complex passwords for their login passwords for their WordPress Security.

Many peoples use simple passwords for their websites like abcdef, 987456, 123456, etc. But using these simple passwords decreases security, which is not suitable for your website. Using simple passwords can be a risk for the user accounts.

So, I recommend you to use complex and strong passwords for the WordPress websites. These passwords consist of alphabets, numbers, and characters.

Buy SSL Certificate

SSL certificate digitally certifies your website and provides bulletproof security for your website. An SSL certificate permits an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser, which makes your site safe.

In simple words, when you open an SSL certified website, then your browser will show https on the top. And when you visit a simple site, then your browser will show Http on the top. And in the web world, https is considered as more secure than Http.

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So, an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer Certificate) is essential for any website. And it’s necessary if you want to increase WordPress security.

Use Login Limiter

Login Limiter is significant for WordPress users. It would help if you used a login limiter to limit the login limits. Login Limiter locks the login page if someone exceeds the fixed deadline. The Login Limiter is useful when someone tries to log in to your WordPress site using the wrong passwords.

Login Limiter is also necessary because it limits the fake login attempts. So, you should use Login Limiter if you want to increase WordPress security of your site.

Update WordPress

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WordPress provides timely updates, which is essential for WordPress security. You should always download and install the upgraded version of WordPress for better security. WordPress Updates includes various bug fixes, new themes, and many other features.

So, for improved WordPress security, you should keep your WordPress updated.

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Use BackUp Plugin

You should timely backup your site using any BackUp Plugin. WordPress backup helps you to restore all the data of your website if someone tries to controls your website.

Some of the best free backup plugins for WordPress are:-

  • UpdraftPlus
  • BackWPup
  • Duplicator
  • Wp Security Firewall

So, those mentioned above are the ways which you should follow if you want to increase WordPress security of your website.


In this article, I told you the best ways that you can implement for your WordPress security. The mentioned ways are:

  • Use Best Hosting Provider
  • Don’t use nulled theme
  • Use the Top WordPress Security plugin for your website
  • Use complex passwords
  • Buy SSL certificate for the WordPress security of your website
  • Use Login Limiter
  • Keep your WordPress updated
  • Always keep a backup of your website

So, these were the ways which you should use for the WordPress security of your site. Comment down if you have any other query regarding “How to increase WordPress security.”



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