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Scribd vs Audible: Comparison

Audiobooks are gaining popularity all over th globe. The audiobooks industry is growing 24% a year, and it’s not going to stop. There are a lot of audiobook subscription services available all over the internet. But, some of the best audiobook subscription services are Audible and Scribd. Now, Audible and Scribd are one of the biggest competitors in the audiobooks industry. So, this article is going to be all about Scribd vs Audible comparison.

What is Audiobook

An audiobook can be defined as a recorded version of a book, so we can also call it a talking book. But, audiobooks have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s talk about that.

Benefits of Audiobooks

    • Convenience: While doing your daily works, you can listen to audiobooks, which is very convenient.
    • Vocabulary: Audiobooks improves your language as you hear many new words while listening to an audiobook. And, while listening, you can also improve your pronunciation.
    • Time: It saves a lot of time as you can increase the speed of the audio.
    • No need for light: You can use an audiobook even at night without any light source.
    • Suitable for Blind peoples: Audiobooks are beneficial for those peoples who are blind or suffering from some reading disabilities.

Disadvantages of Audiobooks

    • While using audiobooks, you can’t experience graphics or illustrations.
    • Audiobooks are dependent on technology. So, you need a device like a smartphone, laptop to listen to audiobooks.
    • You can’t mark your favorite lines of the book.
    • You may misunderstand the narrator’s tone.
    • A bank card is required for online purchases.

What is Scribd

Scribd vs audible, scribd, scribd membership cost
Scribd vs Audible

Scribd is an American audiobook subscription company founded in March 2007. It is the world’s first publishing platform, and in 2013, it became the first reading subscription service all over the world.

Scribd, on its open publishing platform, manages 60 million documents. Except for audiobooks, it also features magazines, journal articles, and sheet music.

What is Audible

Audible. scribd vs audible, audible membership cost
Scribd vs Audible

Audible is an Amazon-owned audiobook subscription service. It was founded in 1995, and at that time, audible was a digital audio player producer. In 2008, audible evolved as one of the most effective audiobooks services.

Audible is one of the most effective audiobook subscription services all over the world. Also, it features original content performed by famous actors, writers, comedians, etc.

Now let’s begin with the Scribd vs Audible comparison.

Scribd Vs Audible: Content

One of the essential aspects of any subscription service is content. Only because of the content availability users buys a subscription. Every platform has different content availability, for example, some movies are on Netflix, and some are not. Similarly, Scribd and Audible have other content offerings.

Scribd Review

Scribd has an extensive content offering. It doesn’t only offers audiobooks. It offers magazines, documentaries, ebooks, sheet music, and research papers.

So, Scribd premium membership can give access to thousands of best audiobooks on Scribd. Scribd subscription also offers you essays, articles, short stories, and an exhaustive compilation of documents. Even Scribd offers its original content, which you can enjoy with a Scribd subscription.

Audible Review

Audible is only an audiobook subscription service, but it provides a pervasive amount of audiobooks. It features more than 100,000 audiobooks, which is excellent for users.

Audible also offers exclusive original content. As audible belongs to Amazon, you can use Alexa as your narrator for your audiobooks. So, while doing your household works, you can ask Alexa to narrate your audiobook. Audible offers audiobooks in many different languages, and you can also select from unabridged and abridged versions.

Scribd Vs Audible: Compatibility

Compatibility is essential. Before buying any subscription, you should check out which devices are compatible with these services.

Devices compatible with Scribd

    • Android devices with Android version 4.4 or higher versions.
    • Kindle gadgets excluding paperwhite running Fire OS 4 or other higher versions.
    • Apple devices, including apple watch running iOs 9 or different newer versions.

Devices Compatible with Audible

    • All Android devices
    • Windows smartphones
    • All iOs devices
    • VictorReader System
    • Kindle Devices (including Paperwhite)
    • Creative Mp3 players and Sandisk
    • Windows and Mac computers or laptops
    • Garmin and TomTom GPS devices
    • Apex BrailleNote and BraileNote

Scribd vs Audible: App reviews

Before buying the subscription, you should check out their app reviews. App reviews tell what does user experiences while using the app. Sometimes app reviews also speak about some general issues regarding the applications, like Scribd app not working, Audible app keeps crashing, etc. So, you should check the app reviews in our Scribd Vs Audible detailed comparison before paying for any apps.

Scribd App Review

Scribd vs Audible, Scribd app not working, Scribd app for android
Scribd vs Audible

Scribd app is available on both platforms – Android and iOs. The Scribd app works fine on both the platform.

The android Scribd app was released on 17 February 2012, and it has a 4.4-star rating on the Play store. The size of the Scribd android app is 12 MB. And as already informed, the Scribd app for android is compatible with Android version 4.4 or higher.

Audible App Review

Scribd vs audible, audible vs scribd, audible app not working, audible android app
Scribd vs Audible

Like the Scribd app, Audible app reviews are also excellent. The Audible app is available for both Android and iOs users.

The android Audible app was released on 12 August 2010. Also, it has got an excellent 4.5-star rating on the Play Store. Audible Android app is also compatible with all android devices.

Scribd vs Audible: Price

Now, let’s finally talk about the price of Scribd and Audible. Price is an essential factor that enables you to buy the product. If the subscription is under your budget, then only you will be able to buy it. So, let’s talk regarding the pricing of these audiobooks subscription services.

Note: the prices can occasionally vary, so make sure to check the prices at their official websites.

Scribd Price

The Scribd membership price is around $8.99 monthly, which provides you access to many ebooks and audiobooks. The only limitation with this membership is that you can’t own any of the audiobooks. So, an active Scribd subscription is required to listen to the audiobooks. You can also take another Scribd membership for around $12.99 monthly, which gives you benefits of both Scribd and The New York Times.

The $8.99 Scribd cost per month membership also gives you the option to download several PDF documents that you can read offline.

Audible Price

The Audible price per month is around $14.95, which is comparatively expensive than the Scribd membership price.

The Audible premium membership plan includes unlimited access to many Audible exclusive audiobooks and Audible originals. 30% off on every audiobook and one free audiobook that you can choose is also included in this plan. There are several other deals which you can check on Audible’s official website.


Is Scribd better than Audible

Both audiobooks are great. Scribd offers an extensive range of content, including ebooks, sheet music, documentaries, research papers, magazines, and many audiobooks. Including all the content offerings makes Scribd more reliable and worthy.

How many audiobooks can a person listen to on Scribd?

Two Audiobooks.

There are many audiobooks on Scribd. But if you don’t have a Scribd membership plan, it will add on some limitations after using it.

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In this Scribd vs Audible article, I covered all the comparison aspects, including content offerings, price, etc.

Scribd vs Audible’s conclusion is that both audiobooks are great, but Scribd has many more content offerings, and on the other side, Audible is a lot more compatible.



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