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Top 9 Websites to use when you are Bored

There are many websites on the Internet, but not all are interesting and entertaining. After using any website several times it feels boring but mentioned below are some of the websites that always feel interesting.

Websites to Use When You Are Bored

Internet is full of several things that you can use to remove your boredom. So, here is the list of Top 9 Websites to Use When You Are Bored.

Passive Aggressive Passwords (TRYPAP)

It is one of the websites to use when you are bored, where you can check your passwords strength in a very fun way. Go to its website and type any of your passwords, and you will get a funny response. This is a must website to check out when you are bored. PAP is a very funny website, you should check it out.

The Useless Web

The useless web, websites to use when you are bored

It’s a very useless website but at the same time, it is a very interesting website. Go to its official website, where you will find a button that will redirect you to any random fun website. This website is very interesting and one of the best websites to use when you are bored. Every time you visit this website it will redirect you to a random weird website.

This is Sand

This website is very relaxing, satisfying, and fun to use. Using this website, you can create amazing sandscapes. Click on the play now button on its website, and your screen will convert into a unique playground where you can create interesting sandscapes. Also, the sound is very satisfying and relaxing.


Akinator is a very fun website to use when you are bored. It’s a very interesting video game, which can guess the character you are thinking of. This game also has a web version. You just have to keep answering the multiple-choice questions to make the Akinator guess what character you are thinking of. It is very interesting, simple and fun to play. There is also an android application for this game which you can download from the play store.

Akinator is now becoming more famous, especially on Youtube. So, Akinator is a must-try for everyone if you are free.


This is a very interesting musical website that converts your device into a sound kit. Using this website, you can play different sounds using your keyboard. This website can kill your free time easily, it is so fun to use. You can play different sounds using your keyboard for an example drum sound, guitar sound, and many others. The sound is very melodious, and soothing to the ears. Also, the website is very simple, even the animations are very attractive.


This is an AI with whom humans can talk. Just go to its website and type anything and it will respond accordingly. You can have any kind of conversation with Cleverbot. You can use this website whenever you feel alone or bored. On this website, there are three options think about it, think for me, and thoughts so far.

Wayback Machine

As the name suggests, this website is the archive of the World Wide Web stored digitally. Go to its website, and type the URL of any website, and you will find digital archives of that site. You will be shocked to see the evolution of some of your favorite websites. Using this website, you can see the older version of any website.


Wikipedia, websites to use when you are bored

Everyone knows about this website. Wikipedia is full of data related to interesting topics. On Wikipedia, you will get almost every topic, for example, horror, celebrities, movies, and many others. Just go to its official website, select your topic and start reading. Also, you will find many unknown facts on Wikipedia. So, Wikipedia is a must check when you are bored or free.


As you know, Youtube is one of the most interesting and popular videos streaming platforms. There are uncountable videos on Youtube which you can watch whenever you want to. Youtube is the best website to kill your free time. Even you can create and upload videos on Youtube.

Same as Wikipedia, on youtube, there are also videos related to many topics. So, if you are bored with a topic, you can try any other topic. On Youtube, there are many creators to keep you entertained.

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In this article, I have mentioned some of the best websites to use when you are bored. These websites are very entertaining and will remove your boredom. All of these websites are completely free to use, you even don’t need to sign up. The list includes Akinator, This is sand, Wayback Machine, Patatap, and many other interesting websites. Also, these websites can be addictive, so be careful.

All these websites are simple, free, and easy to use. These websites are very weird, and uncommon from normal websites. In this article, I have mentioned a total of nine websites that you can use when you are bored. You can also use these websites in your normal time for entertainment. Not all the websites mentioned in this list are weird, some of them are super informative also, for example, Wikipedia, and Youtube.



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