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What is App Explorer? How to uninstall App Explorer?

Many companies use a lot of tools to show their commercial ads or content on their devices. App Explorer is one of the standard software by which companies offer several ads on their devices. This app is widespread in Windows computers or Windows laptops. But, sometimes these advertisements came out to be very irritating. So, here I will inform you about “What is App Explorer” and “How to uninstall SweetLabs App Explorer” using some straightforward steps.

It is a software or tool developed by SweetLabs. So, at first, let’s intensely talk about SweetLabs and its explorer software.

What is SweetLabs

SweetLabs is a technology-based company founded in 2008 and headquartered in the United States, San Diego, and California. This company develops and distributes software to other companies. SweetLabs is a software company or, to be exact, a software distribution company.

This software company develops software based on Android devices and Windows devices. Some of its products are Pokki Start Menu, App Install Platform, SweetLabs Explorer. This Software Explorer is one of the most widespread tools developed by SweetLabs, and it’s commonly known as SweetLabs App Explorer.

What is App Explorer or SweetLabs Explorer

As already informed, App Explorer or SweetLabs Explorer is one of the most widespread tools developed by SweetLabs. This software is prevalent in Lenovo laptops or other windows laptops. The Lenovo app explorer is nothing different; it does the same task as any other explorer software. In many significant devices, the SweetLabs Explorer comes pre-installed.

Also, the SweetLabs Explorer is not a virus; it’s a pre-installed software. For instance, the Lenovo explorer bloatware is a kind of bloatware pre-installed in Lenevo laptops. But, these Explorers can be a reason for your PC slowing down because it requires a lot of CPU as it shows many advertisements. The SweetLabs Explorer, at some point, works the same as the Mobile Services Manager App.

The main work of the SweetLabs Explorer is to show some commercial advertisements (or app installment ads) on their devices without the purchaser’s permission. Also, several other software comes included in this Explorer due to which your computer may cause some problems. The Software Bundling technology possibles the software-under-software process.

What is Software Bundling?

Software Bundling is a process or practice of selling combined tools or applications in a combined form for a combined price.

How to Uninstall SweetLabs App Explorer

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There are some simple methods that you have to follow to uninstall Lenovo app explorer (or any SweetLabs explorer) from your PC.

  • Click on the start (Windows) button.
  • Search for Control Panel and open it.
  • Now, if you are Windows 8 or Windows 10, you will find the option “Uninstall a Program” click on that. If you are in use with Windows 7 or Windows XP, the possibilities will be Add/Remove Programs or Programs or Features, respectively.
  • Now, find App Explorer and select it.
  • After selecting, click on uninstall, and then click on the Save button.
  • Make sure that all the changes have been saved or not.
  • If you still find this Explorer on your PC, then restart your PC.

Basic Questions related to the Explorer

What is App Explorer?

This Explorer is a pre-installed software, which shows commercial advertisements on your PC.

Is SweetLabs Explorer a Virus?

No, App Explorer is not a virus. It is just a pre-installed software. But it might make your PC slow.

Which company is the developer of the App Explorer?

This Explorer is developed by SweetLabs, which is a software distribution company. Also, this Explorer is commonly known as SweetLabs Explorer.


In this article, I intensely told you about SweetLabs Explorer. I told you about What is SweetLabs, What is SweetLabs App Explorer. Also, I informed you about the Lenovo app explorer.

Don’t forget to post comments down below if you have any queries related to the discussed topic.

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